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Computer Security and Maintenance

Now-a-days most people know that how can use computer and use of the Internet, But many people do not know that how they can keep their computer securer and how to maintain it's performance. To keep your computer secure and how it running soothly, you should know some basic maintenance things like cleaning up hard drive, basic knowledge about security indication errors, how to perform updates, how to protect computer against viruses and spywares etc. Let us talk about some general things, which is very important to computer security and Maintenance.

As far as computer Security concern if you can understand these below mentioned keys then you defiantly can prevent your computer against viruses.

Use Firewalls: Firewall can keep your computer secure when you browse the Internet. Firewall protect you computer to remote hacking. It secure your all sharing resources. You can say a Firewall as a barrier that checks all network connection, which is connect your computer. So always enable your firewall protection. > To enable the Firewall. Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel>Security and Firewall

Antivirus softwares: Always use good antivirs software and scan your computer at least once in a week. You should update your antivirus regularly basis. If you dont have, you should get it right away. Here are some good antivirus software listed according to their related web site:

Norton AntiVirus
AVG AntiVirus
McAfee AntiVirus
Spyware protection: Spywares is more dangerous rather then viruses. It can stolen your email passwords, credit card number, your personal information, it can make your computer performance slow as well. Some good antispywares are:

Spy Sweeper
Counter Spy
Spyware Doctor
SuperAntispyware professional
Now take some discussion about computer maintenance. A well maintained computer runs fast and working smoothly without getting any error. There are some simple and useful steps to keep your computer well maintained.

Check Disk and Defragmentation: These two Disk utility is very useful. With the help of Check Disk you can recover your hard drive bad sector and logical error, which improve your hard disk working performance. And other hand Disk Defragmentation utility rearrange all data of Hard Drive, which gives you fast file searching while using computer. >To Perform a full disc clean up. Go to Start> Accessories> System Tools> Disc Clean Up >To Perform a full defrag. Go to Start> Accessories> System Tools > Disc Defragmenter.

Disk cleaning: This is very important. Clean your hard disk every week. For cleaning you can delete files form "temp" folder, Internet temprory folder, Recycle bin etc. You can uninstall those programe which not use often and you can remove any toolbar of Internet browser.> To clean Internet temporary files. Open Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Option > In General Tab press 'Delete temporary files' button.

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